Equipage began in 1979 when two friends, Giuseppe Eva and Enore Violi, came together in a small village on the hills of Parma. While Giuseppe brought his commercial expertise to the new venture, Enore brought his experience, skill and creativity developed as a tailor. From the start, Equipage has produced high-end trousers.

Giuseppe and Enore realised very quickly that the surroundings of their location were fundamental to the creative process, stimulating the industriousness and passion within their employees—the Equipage family. As the years went by, the founders' children, Anita, Luigi and Monica each found a unique role in the company. Anita became the driving force of ideas and creative behind Equipage's collections. Luigi understands the potential of the company and focuses on growth. Monica is highly organised and became the guide for the production team. Overall, the staff is the essence and soul of every Equipage product.

Equipage’s trousers are defined by the foundation of tradition while embracing novelty and innovation. Their trousers accommodate the needs of the most demanding client who are seeking not only the best quality materials, but also the highest level of craftsmanship in how their trousers are made.


Equipage - ironing trousers

Equipage is known for their excellence in trouser design and production.

Equipage - sewing trousers

Only the most skilled and talented seamstresses are employed at Equipage.

Equipage staff

The talented and skilled team in the hills of Parma, Italy.