BRULI has been located in the Ticino area, the southernmost canton of Switzerland, since 1961. The history of this area is filled with a large presence of shirt makers. BRULI’s tradition of craftsmanship combines the style of Italian high fashion with the renowned precision of Swiss manufacturing and Italian seamstresses.

At BRULI, they have always believed in their work, never compromising their high quality product. Direct, first-person inspections and no ‘middle-man’ when choosing their processes and raw materials, allows BRULI to ensure maximum perfection of their clothing.

BRULI’s production processes are based on authentic craftsmanship. They only use fabric from small Italian weavers who echo their philosophy. As times change and new technologies come along BRULI has always combined technology with skill and manual precision. Each piece is finely crafted, from the cutting of the fabric, to adding the trim—there are a thousand different details that define a BRULI shirt.


Bruli cutting material

Highly skilled hands cut material for sewing.

Bruli production area

Bruli's production area.

Region of Ticino, Switzerland

The canton (province) of Ticino is beautiful.