ALESSANDROSIMONI was founded in the northern Italian region of Piedmont in 1970, by a small family of Italian masters of knitted things. Today the founder’s grandsons, Alexander and Simone Bodo, produce luxury knitwear. 

Behind every ALESSANDROSIMONI article there is a highly skilled team working to create an excellent product for each client. Their work is filled with passion and extreme attention to detail resulting in a refined elegance. ALESSANDROSIMONI dedicate their effort on simple lines, selecting  timeless styles and a superior selection of yarns and materials. Everything is produced in Italy, including all their yarn.

ALESSANDROSIMONI provides traditional, artisan work while investing in the latest technology available in order to deliver the very best in luxurious knitwear. Maintaining their manufacturing know-how while forever seeking to develop for their family's and community's future is a validation of what ‘Made in Italy’ truly means.

Founders Vincenzo and Franca Bodo, 1971

Vincenzo and Franca Bodo, 1971. 

Simoni Bodo with employee.

Simone Bodo with Paola Locarni.

Rice field with crane.

Rice field with a crane in the region of Vercelli, Piedmont.